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They Say Oversize, We Say UniSize!

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They Say Oversize, We Say UniSize!

The new fashion craze seems to be "Oversize" womenswear clothing these days. And we say, "why not!". These chic items are fit for any type of women and are SOOO comfortable to wear. Since the new craze is "oversize", we came up with our own term to call the new style of comfort "UNI-SIZE".

Unisize is similar to the term unisex. Whenever you go out and purchase a unisex item, you can automatically assume that it is for a male or a female. Well, unisize is the size that fits both missy and curvy ladies. Instead of "Oversize", we have officially coined the term "UNISIZE!". Get into your fave Unisize style at LOVE+STORY 

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